NAYC13 Thursday Night

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“Three Altars”

Another day of North American Youth Congress has come and gone, and God is working in so many ways on so many lives. With the expectation going into each event, it would be almost impossible to sit by and not be changed just by being at NAYC13. You see, Youth Congress is more than a social event; it is a revolutionizing agent used by God to change the lives of this generation and those around them.

Tonight, in the North American Talent Search students showcased their abilities through the worship arts. Such activities included worshipful piano pieces, spoken word, and painting, just to name a few. The students offering their gifts back to the service of God is the norm here at Youth Congress, and it doesn’t only happen in the talent search. For instance, there were two confirmed moments within the past day where the NAYCers have shared the gift God has given them and seen those souls come to God for the first time. It was announced tonight in service that a youth group was determined to reach out to others, and they baptized some in the swimming pool of the Days Inn last night after church. It doesn’t stop there, students are not only being a blessing to those outside the building, but also the workers of the arena. Edith is a lady who works at the KFC Yum Center where NAYC13 is being held. She was just doing her job when she encountered Jesus. She was noticed by various students while she was “getting with the preaching” and seen praying. Tonight, Edith received the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost! NAYCers gathered around to pray for her and rejoice as she began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave her the utterances.

Now that I’ve gotten ahead of myself, allow me to rewind to the preaching of the Word. Tonight Bro. Tim Gaddy spoke to us from Exodus 20:22-24 on three altars that we should never neglect.

First, he took us to the altar where things are consecrated. He stressed to our youth the importance of finding your spouse at the altar. He stated that it is vital that our upcoming marriages should impact the kingdom of God. Bro. Gaddy boldly proclaimed that our marriages should be about us and our spouse “shaking up Hell and filling up Heaven.”

He also told us about the altar of heritage. We have inherited such great doctrine and truth from those who have gone before us and paid prices higher than we could imagine. Just like Naboth and his vineyard, what we have is not ours to give away. It has been given to us from people who have plowed the fields, pulled the weeds, dug the wells, and built the walls. They have shed too much blood, sweat, and tears over this truth for us to flippantly decide what we should do with it. We cannot give away something that we did not start!

Bro. Gaddy told us there is a great sweeping of the spirit that will come to this world and to this generation, but it will not come by eloquence or creativity. It cannot be achieved by technology or fancy innovations. It will come by staying in the word and proclaiming it, prayer, submission, and fasting. This is the altar of supernatural demonstration. We were urged by Bro. Gaddy to love the altar. Don’t stray from the altar, love the altar, cherish the altar! We have an appointment at an altar and we must be ready for God’s supremely divine demonstration.

Following the service, the Hyphen group held an 8 event which is a social scene for Hyphen-ites to interact. The event was held under the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville, KY and offered Apostolic music, food buses, and tons of people to meet. Hundreds of 20-something’s gathered in a godly environment to fellowship strengthen the bonds of unity.

God is doing mighty things and speaking powerfully to the youth of North America. Keep following to see what God does in the final day of NAYC13!

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