NAYC13 Friday Night

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This is it. This is the final night of an impactful and life-changing conference. We’ve stayed up late, we’ve #quizzered, we’ve hit up all the booths, and stocked up on our NAYC gear to wear for the next two years. The final service is here. On Wednesday, Bro. Shay Mann spoke more #NAYC13Truths than all the #NAYC13Rumors combined. We left knowing that we are the only ones who can answer for ourselves. On Thursday morning, our cell phones became silenced in comparison to the sound of God’s call. His call began to overpower the congregation when Bro. David McGovern imparted to us: “Above All…the Call.” And that call of God extended to an altar call of young people on Thursday night following the message of Bro. Tim Gaddy. But the 18,000+ didn’t just come running to one altar, they came to three altars: that of their future marriage, their heritage, and the supernatural works of God. And at the altar on Friday morning, students were set free from the addictions, struggles, and past that tried to bind us as Bro. James Maroney preached the anointed word of God. So here it is, the final hurrah!

Friday night started out with incredible singing from the soloist division of the North American Talent Search. Then the votes came in. The results of the international competition from all three nights were announced. Here they are:
Winner of the Groups and Bands Category: The McKains
Winner of the Worship Arts Category: Sarah and John
Winner of the soloist division: Clark Walker

If Youth Congress has made an incredible impact in your life, it’s because of an offering called Sheaves For Christ. Michael Ensey spoke so appropriately about the need for Sheaves For Christ. SFC not only makes it possible for us to meet every other year at NAYC, but it serves to give missionaries vehicles to spread the gospel; to help students the ability to fulfill their call SFC scholarships; to let Tupelo Children’s Mansion make an impact through the lives of students; and to enable many other incredible ministries to affect lives.
Bro. Ensey introduced the “C31 Challenge” to the audience in front of a host of students who have accomplished the goal. Young people can take the C31 challenge by asking 31 people to give $31. If just 5% of the entire youth congress crowd would take the challenge in the next month, nearly one million dollars would be raised to make an impact in the Kingdom.

In October of 2003, Bro. Shay and Sis. Bridgette Mann came on to the General Youth Division team as Director of Promotions. For ten years, Bro. Mann has shared his vision throughout our fellowship and impacted our movement. Through his vision, we’ve seen new ministries created such as Hyphen and Project 7. For the next chapter in their ministry, he and his family have been elected to take the Pastorate of the Life Church in Dallas, Texas. The Manns were honored with a standing ovation of an arena full to the brim. “It’s been my life’s greatest honor to serve the young people, the youth workers, the churches, and the Pastors of the United Pentecostal Church International,” Bro. Shay Mann said. “I pray that along the way, something I have done has pointed you towards Christ and the unique purpose that He has for your life.” We’re so thankful for the sacrifice they have given to this movement. To express your thanks, give him a shout out on Twitter @ShayMann.

While we still have an incredible night ahead at the afterburner, one of the biggest question on people’s mind is, “Where is Youth Congress 2015??” What better way to announce a youth congress location, than a reveal video? After much anticipation, the reveal occurred: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! It will be August 5-7, 2015. That said, we can now start the new trending topic: #NAYC15rumors.

Bro. Cortt Chavis joined the praise team on the platform and they began to sing, “Break Every Chain.” You could feel the presence of God continuing the work that began this morning in general session. The congregation opened their Bibles as Bro. Chavis instructed and read three passages about the field. He ended on John 4:35 where Jesus said, “Life up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” He then introduced his sermon: “The Divine Balance between the Fork and the Field.”

He emphasized there is nothing more powerful than the Word of God. Dancing, shouting, and praising are all great but your dance won’t keep you saved. The Word will keep you saved! We need to hear the preaching of the divine Word of God. We must have good church; we must have God’s presence in the house. But he didn’t stop at just having great church. He paraphrased what Jesus said, “I have a house full but the fields are empty. Everybody has a fork, but nobody has a sickle.” We’ve got too many people who are satisfied in the house when God wants us to go out to work. We aren’t waiting on the harvest; the harvest is waiting on us! It’s time to convert the energy from eating to getting into the field. As Bro. Chavis put it, “You need to kick off your Toms and put on your Timberlands. You need to get rid of the suit and put on some overalls.” When we sit around the table too long, we get start to get picky. We start to want “dessert church” where we only want to the sweet stuff. We get picky in the house of God. We start to complain about the songs that are sung and the way things are done. But when someone comes in from the field, they want whatever is served in the table. What’s going to grow your youth group is getting out into the field and working! This movement is bigger than us. We need to go to the field!

So, we started this article out by saying, “This is it.” But, in truth, this is NOT it. There is more. Revival isn’t finished. There is a world waiting for us to return with our lives changed. Let’s move to the field!

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