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Unlock Your Faith FISHEROur church is located in Terre Haute, Indiana. However, we have a unique makeup of many different cities and communities we pull from who attend on a regular basis. Currently, our youth group is made up of nine high schools, eight middle schools, two private schools, and two home school co-op groups. What a mission field!

Before Project 7 was launched in 2013, we felt a burden to minister in our schools. One of our youth staffers and I began to teach Bible studies at one of our middle schools and one of our high schools in Terre Haute. It was a commitment to take time during our jobs and other obligations, but God was blessing our efforts. We have seen tremendous results!

Project 7 was presented at NAYC 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky as a student-led Bible club. There were resources, downloadable lessons, and a community being established. We saw this as an opportunity to reach more of our schools and to train our young people in the process. I thought, “What a shame if we as youth leaders did all the teaching ourselves?” Project 7 gives the ability for young people to unlock their faith and to watch what happens when you make yourself available to be used of God.

To date, we have launched eight P7 clubs in public schools and one P7 club in a homeschool co-op. We have had a variety of young people leading these clubs—from the most outgoing to the most introverted.

Students from various P7 clubs have attended our youth services. Many have received the Holy Ghost and were baptized in Jesus’ name! Teachers along with principals have attended our services. The unexplainable will happen if you unlock your faith! We have so many testimonies of what God has done through Project 7.

I received a call from a principal roughly a week before school was to begin. She asked me if it would be OK for our youth team to go to her school and pray over the entire building. Of course, I was jumping up and down on the inside while on the phone! We took some of our team over to this school at 9 p.m. and began to lay hands on every locker and walk the hallways praying. In the middle of this I thought, “Wow, Lord, we are actually inside of a public school interceding and travailing. You are so good!” This opportunity came to us because young people decided to unlock their faith in this school.

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A young man and his brother lost their mother very suddenly. A couple of years later, their father decided to take his own life. As a youth pastor, you cannot prepare for this. These young men had every reason to get mad, throw in the towel, and turn their backs on God. We comforted them, loved them, and God began to develop a burden inside of them. Through all of this pain and sorrow, God began to work on Caleb, the youngest brother. He was very quiet and kept to himself. He approached me in the days after their father’s passing wanting to start a Project 7 club. This humbled me. Caleb decided to unlock his faith, and today he is a senior still leading that club. Caleb decided he wanted to make an eternal impact in someone’s life.

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Young person, what is holding you back? Unlock your faith and God will honor your efforts. Youth pastor, this is a vital resource to your young people and a key to open the door to revival within your youth group.

To unlock your faith means to release. It only takes a small amount of faith as Jesus mentioned in Matthew 17:20. “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you” (Matthew 17:20).

P7 clubs are an extension of the church. For some, this is the only time they hear about Jesus Christ. This is the great commission. This is your mission field. Go and make disciples. Unlock your faith.

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FIsher, Andrew

Andrew Fisher is the youth pastor at New Life Fellowship in Terre Haute, Indiana. He is also the National P7 resources coordinator. He is married to his beautiful wife Crystal and father to Issac (9), Eli (6), Adeline (1).

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