We Had To Ask Chantry Dean

Posted by: in We Had to Ask on September 9th

Inside Out: Can you tell us a little bit about your current position as Arkansas Youth President?

Chantry Dean: Yes. This only my second year, and I must say so far it’s been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot. It can be stressful but more rewarding than anything.

IO: What about your other ministry positions? (Pastor, Worship Leader, Camp Speaker?)

CD: Heather and I were just voted in this past February as Associate Pastor of Calvary Tabernacle in Bentonville. This November will be my 13th year in Youth Ministry. And I am one of the Worship Leaders in our Church as well. I enjoy every opportunity I’m given to lead people into worship.

IO: What makes Arkansas so great?

CD: I would have to say the unity.

IO: Is this where you were born and raised?

CD: It is.

IO: Did you go to Bible College? And, if so, when and where?

CD: I did not go to Bible College.

IO: Did you go to Secular College? And, if so, when and where?

CD: I went to a little bit of secular college at NWA Community College.

IO: Tell us about your family?

CD: My wife and I have been married a little over seven years now, and we have a beautiful little 2 ½ year old named Ava. She keeps us plenty busy. Haha. I’m very blessed to have them in my life.

IO: Who is your historical hero?

CD: Abraham Lincoln

IO: Do you have a hobby?

CD: Basketball and fishing are my two favorite right now.

IO: What is your favorite book?

CD: Here I Am to Worship – Tim Hughes

IO: If someone wrote a biography of your life, what would be the title?

CD: Loving Husband, Caring Father, Loyal Follower, Passionate Leader

IO: Has there ever been a time when you felt like you didn’t know God’s will?

CD: There have been many times; that’s why it’s called faith.

IO: When did you first feel the call to a preaching ministry?

CD: I felt the call when I was 8 years old, but really started responding when I was 17.

IO: What are some of the challenges to becoming a minister?

CD: I would say finding your place in ministry: Evangelist, Pastor, Music, Worship Leader, Teacher, or just a committed Layman in the house of God. All are ministries necessary in the Kingdom. And I think determining the right one was difficult at first. Then when I knew God wanted me to preach, it was a little hard at first to get going. How do you get your name out there, that sort of thing.

IO: Today’s youth are dealing with issues that no other generation has had to face; what do they need to survive?

CD: They don’t need to just carry a cross when it’s convenient or makes them look good, but they need to be nailed to it. In other words, be committed even when it’s not easy. Surrender your will to God’s, and He WILL take care of you.

IO: Tell us about your music? Can you give us a sneak peek at the future?

CD: My music is to lift people up. To send people a message that they are not alone and God’s Mercy is “New Every Morning.” So embrace every day with thanksgiving because things could be a lot worse. God is never surprised by anything that happens in our lives, even though we oftentimes are devastated. So lean not to your own understanding.

My Prayer is that I can soon make a worship album that will not only give churches new worship material, but that will bring a deeper understanding of Worship.

IO: Is life what you imagined?

CD: Life is more than I could have imagined. I am blessed beyond words.

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