We Had To Ask – Nathan Wells

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Inside Out: Beginning on a personal note, where were you born and raised?

Nathan Wells: Born and raised in Leesburg, FL, where I currently still live.

IO: Did you go to College? And, if so, when and where?

NW: Lake Sumter Community College, University of Central Florida, and currently enrolled at the American College, working toward ChFC designation.

IO: Tell us about your family?

NW: They are God’s gift to me, second only to salvation. My wife Shannon—age 24—is a beautiful, Godly lady that keeps me young, but reminds me that I am not.  My son Austin—age 4—is my very best bud and most call him a “Mini-Me.” My daughter Kensley—age 22 months—is an absolute doll and will cause her daddy and lots of other boys much heartache.

IO: What is your favorite food?

NW: General Tso’s Chicken, my wife’s Chicken Florentine, Grammy’s apple pies

IO: If you could have dinner with one person that is alive today and that you have never met, who would it be?

NW: Paul Rusesabagina, “An Ordinary Man”, Hero of the Rwandan Genocide

IO: Who is your historical hero?

NW: Abraham Lincoln; his quotes are the absolute best, and his leadership skills weren’t too shabby either!

IO: Do you have a hobby?

NW: Fixing things, especially home improvement

IO: What is your favorite book?

NW: The Holy Bible… Besides that, Skeletons on the Zhara

IO: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

NW: Colorado

IO: If someone wrote a biography of your life, what would be the title?

NW: I’d Rather Be a Was Not——–Enoch

IO: Has there ever been a time when you felt like you didn’t know God’s will?

NW: HHHHMMMM…..How about, presently. I mean, I know God’s general will; but at this point, how it pertains specifically to me and my family—still searching.

IO: Today’s youth are dealing with issues that no other generation has had to face; what do they need to survive?

NW: I think the issues are fundamentally the same as they have always been,  “All that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life” (I John 2:16); and the only way to survive is to truly have a personal, intimate relationship with God. I believe an intimate relationship with God produces separation from the world.

IO: When did you first know you were called to preach?

NW: As a PK, I always had well-meaning people telling me I was going to be a preacher, and at age 14 God placed a call into the ministry on my life; but I discounted it as just PK propaganda. I had a speech problem and was pretty introverted and never saw myself being able to do what I knew God wanted. And so I ran like the devil until age 21, when God confirmed His call in a mighty way at Florida Camp Meeting—after Rev. Paul Mooney preached, “Ten Thousands Windmills Can’t Be Wrong.”

IO: Is it what you imagined?

NW: Not hardly……My dad always quoted to me what he was told in Bible School, “If God calls you into the ministry, don’t stoop to be a king!” Now I know what that statement truly means.

IO: What are some of the challenges to becoming a minister?

NW: Getting over yourself and all your own insecurities and recognizing the enemy for what and who he is. TDIAL: “The Devil is a Liar”.

IO: What do you think about your position as Florida Youth President?

NW: I guess I would have to say it is a testimony to the truth of God recognizing faithfulness over a few things.

IO: What would you say to a teenager that wants to become a district youth president?

NW: Don’t ever aspire to a position; seek the office of a servant. Some of the greatest in Heaven will be those seldom heard of on this earth.

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