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Inside Out: You are known as both a business leader and a preacher, which is rare; can you tell us how you balance both these ministries?

David Jury: I don’t try to be balanced. Being a minister of the Gospel is my primary call. I believe that the business skills that God has given me the opportunity to develop are primarily for the purpose of equipping me to fulfill my primary call. However, living this out is a constant challenge, because the business of the church can easily absorb all my time and energy. Consistent prayer and fasting is the only thing that helps me stay focused on what ultimately matters the most.

IO: When did you first feel the call to a preaching ministry?

DJ: As a teenager I knew that God had a calling on my life to serve his Kingdom. However, I did not receive a distinct call to a preaching ministry until my final quarter of college.

IO: What are some of the challenges to becoming a minister?

DJ: One of the most timeless obstacles to becoming a minister is submitting your own will and way to the will and way of God. Surrendering your dreams and ambitions to the greater cause and calling of Jesus Christ looms too heavy of a price to pay for some. However, the rewards of pursuing God’s destiny for your life far outweigh any perceived sacrifices that you make to become a minister.

IO: What would you say to a teenager that wants to become both a business leader and a preacher?

DJ: Stay very sensitive to the guiding voice and hand of God on your life. Make sure you keep God’s calling the primary focus in your life. Like Joseph, God may use you to serve His Kingdom from within the framework of secular business. However, like Moses, the time may come when He calls you out of the secular business world to serve His Kingdom on a full-time basis.

IO: On a more personal note, where were you born and raised?

DJ: I was born in Brunswick, GA, and raised in Blackshear, GA, where my dad pastored.

IO: Did you go to Bible College? And, if so, when and where?

DJ: I did not attend a Bible College.

IO: Did you go to secular college? And, if so, when and where?

DJ: I attended a local community college my first two years. I then attended the University of Georgia where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1997. My major was accounting.

IO: Tell us about your family?

DJ: My wife, Holly, and I have been married for 8 years. We have three children. Olivia is 5, Ava is 3, and Bronson is 6 weeks.

IO: What is your favorite food?

DJ: Mexican.

IO: If you could have dinner with one person that is alive today and that you have never met, who would it be?

DJ: Warren Buffet. I might not agree with him politically, but his brilliant ability to see the big picture and systematically analyze a problem, industry, or opportunity amazes me.

IO: Who is your historical hero?

DJ: Abraham Lincoln, because of his unassuming leadership genius. I admire leaders who inspired people to do great things in the midst of great challenges.

IO: Do you have a hobby?

DJ: At this stage of my life, it’s truly my family. I also enjoy playing racquetball and running.

IO: What is your favorite book?

DJ: Outside of the Bible, my favorite ministry book would be Ordering Your Private World by Gordon McDonald. My favorite business book would be Good to Great by Jim Collins.

IO: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

DJ: Maui, Hawaii

IO: If someone wrote a biography of your life, what would be the title?

DJ: “Pursuit of Excellence” (at least, I hope that’s what it would be).

IO: Has there ever been a time when you felt like you didn’t know God’s will?

DJ: Yes. At various times in my life (especially during transition, such as between high school and college) I have lived through periods of uncertainty when I did not know with clarity what God’s plan for my life was. Fortunately, the wisdom of elders in my life helped me to be patient and submit my will and way to His will and way. Every time I’ve gone through a wilderness of uncertainty, God has orchestrated some amazing things on my behalf that I could never have achieved on my own.

IO: Today’s youth are dealing with issues that no other generation has had to face; what do they need to survive?

DJ: An understanding of who their God is and who they are in Him. Knowing God’s Word for themselves is non-negotiable, as well as a consistent prayer life. The solutions to the ever-changing challenges of our day haven’t ever changed.

IO: Is preaching what you imagined?

DJ: I would not trade what I’m doing now for all the professional success in the world. I wake up every day with more motivation and ideas than I’ll ever be able to act upon. I love being fully engaged in ministry.

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