Interview with NAYC Speakers: Tim Gaddy

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Our second interview for NAYC comes from Pastor Tim Gaddy of Cabot, Arkansas. So, students, It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Tim Gaddy.

InsideOut: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you want to have with you and why?
Tim Gaddy: My Bible to hear what God’s saying, my iPhone to hear what my family’s saying, and a bar of soap (for obvious reasons).

IO: Please tell us your favorite joke.
TG: Tim Hawkins says Cracker Barrel biscuits will make you slap your mother.

IO: What is the funniest moment you have had while preaching?
TG: I was referencing a time I was working out and was wearing warm up type gym pants. But I called them “plastic pants” by mistake. Needless to say, guys in our church remind me how it sounded like I was wearing plastic potty training pants like toddlers wear.

IO: Why do you feel North American Youth Congress is so important for students to attend?
TG: NAYC shows teenagers there are thousands others who believe and live like they do. Also, it provides youth groups with opportunities to have monumental spiritual and friendship experiences.

IO: How do you mentally prepare to preach to thousands at Youth Congress?
TG: Prayer, solitude, and time in God’s Word.

IO: What do you feel are your top two personal strengths and weaknesses and why?
TG: Strengths: I’m organized and feel like I’m easy to talk with.
Weaknesses: I’m impatient at times and not the best at truly relaxing.

IO: When and where did you receive your calling, and how did you prepare to fulfill it?
TG: I received my call on June 16, 1988 at an altar call in Illinois Conquerors Camp. I immediately left my college plans to attend the University of Illinois and attended and graduated from Christian Life College, in Stockton, California.

IO: What advice do you have for someone feeling a call to any aspect of ministry? What should their next steps be?
TG: Get real faithful in prayer and serving under spiritual authority (your pastor). Faithfulness in small things is recognized by God, and He does the advancing.

IO: What are your long term goals for ministry and life in general, and what steps do you plan to reach those goals?
TG: I want to pass on Apostolic heritage to my children, Maddie and Landon. I want to be a godly husband to Stacy. I desire to be a leader to New Life Church worth following and those with whom I have influence. I want my voice to be known by God.

IO: How can the students take the Youth Congress fire to their homes and home churches and keep it burning?
TG: After NAYC, write down 3 “takeaways”. Takeaways are what you are inspired to do and be. After prayer, communicate these to a mentor, and come up with a simple action plan to walk toward those goals. Never underestimate the power of small, everyday decisions to impact your future.

My name is Tim Gaddy and I was born in Illinois, but Arkansas has been home since 1992. I’m blessed to be dad to two great kids, Maddie and Landon, and husband to my beautiful wife, Stacy, since 1993. I’m scheduled to preach Thursday, August 8 at 7:30 PM. See you in Louisville!

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