Interview with NAYC Speakers: Paul Pamer

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Yes! You heard it. North American Youth Congress is not that far away. And NAYC 13 is chock full of anointed speakers and musicians who will be ministering in Louisville in just a few short months. We’d like to you to get to know them before they preach to you and lead you in worship.

Our first interview comes from Rev. Paul Pamer of Barberton, Ohio. So, students, It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Paul Pamer.

InsideOut: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you want to have with you and why?
Paul Pamer: My Bible. What else am I going to say?

An an Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone. While other sat phones use satellites that stay in a fixed position, the Iridium’s satellites rotate. Even if there was a physical obstruction that blocked the signal, as the earth rotated, another satellite would come into range. The Extreme has a fully integrated GPS, real-time tracking so I could be found, and is made with military grade materials. Once I have the phone, I could call and see which pizza place flies to the island and who could come get me in two or three weeks (after my vacation).

I’d also take a gallon of water. Assuming I could seek\make shelter from any adverse weather conditions, the need for water would be my most pressing need. Most of the deserted islands I have been stranded are in the ocean, thus surrounded by salt water. Drinking salt water only speeds up the dehydration process. Frankly, you would be dead in a day. Without drinking water, the human body can survive an average three to four days. With the gallon of water, I could easily survive until the rescue team arrived or my pizza was delivered.

IO: Please tell us your favorite joke.
PP: A short-statured man named Shay walks into a gas station and is greeted by a clerk named Mike and a small tan Chihuahua named Matt. After exchanging brief pleasantries, Shay curiously asked Mike, “Does your dog bite?” To which Mike briefly glances at Matt, the dog, and slowly and silently shakes his head no. So Shay confidently bends to greet Matt, patting his head and simply says “Nice doggie…” Without warning, Matt ferociously attacks him, biting him, shredding his sleeve, and scratching his arm. Dazed and befuddled, Shay scowls at Mike and shouts, “I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite?!?” Mike calmly responds after glancing at Matt, “That’s not my dog.” ROFLOL!!! That one kills me!!!

IO: What is the funniest moment you have had while preaching?
PP: Once in an inspired—if not excited—moment I hit myself in the face with the mic, busting my lip open. My lip swelled up and the blood leaked onto my chin. #fail

IO: Why do you feel North American Youth Congress is so important for students to attend?
PP: NAYC gives students:

  • Mission. A clear call of what Apostolic teens and young adults can do and how they can do it.
  • Collegiality. It gives you the sense of unity and belonging to an unstoppable movement—the church.
  • Inspiration. There is nothing more impacting than the power of God. The worship, words, and response are anointed and spirit filled. Life-changing.
  • IO: How do you mentally prepare to preach to thousands at Youth Congress?
    PP: I first try to wrap my mind around the immensity of the task. 17,000 students, 3 days, every other year. Many students are in the midst of their decision as to what level they will serve Jesus Christ. This drives me to inadequacy and dependence upon God.

    IO: What do you feel are your top two personal strengths and weaknesses and why?
    PP: Strengths:

  • I am a marginally disciplined person. I have a routine and try to stay in it.
  • I was tremendously blessed with a strong upbringing of parents, a church, and elders who taught me truth and balance. They gave me a grasp of the Bible and Apostolic doctrine, while teaching the blessing of balance. As I am given grace, I must mediate grace.
  • Weaknesses:

  • 1/456—Consistency. I wish I could always be the person I am sometimes.
  • 2/456—My grasp of Scripture. I must commit more time to this Book of infinite wisdom and insight.
  • IO: When and where did you receive your calling, and how did you prepare to fulfill it?
    PP: I never had an “Acts 9” call to the ministry. I have sort of always felt called. When I was three years old, I would tell people I wanted to be a preacher and Kroger bag boy. (I’m halfway to my dream!) Fulfilling the call is the hard part. It came by doing what I could at each stage of my life.

    When I was a student in our youth group, I tried to be the best I could by praying, studying, leading, and serving. Christian disciplines and submission to authority are paramount.

    IO: What advice do you have for someone feeling a call to any aspect of ministry? What should their next steps be?
    PP: Prepare today like you are the person you want to be. If you wait to prepare until to preach\sing at NAYC, you’ll never get your shot. However, if you prepare today like you are, you may.

    IO: What are your long term goals for ministry and life in general, and what steps do you plan to reach those goals?
    PP: Be the best husband, dad, and leader I can be by submitting myself to God and elders. Study, commitment, and discipline are imperative for reaching my goals.

    IO: How can the students take the Youth Congress fire to their homes and home churches and keep it burning?
    PP: Consistency. Maintain Christian discipline and consistency. Also, be baptized with recommitment to serving and advancing your local church. It is your pastor and group of people whom God has chosen to reach your community and world.

    Paul J. Pamer is the Student Pastor for the Apostolic Church, Barberton, Ohio. He studied at Indiana Bible College, Malone University, and the University of Akron. Brooke W. Pamer is on staff at the Apostolic Church, Barberton, Ohio. She received a Master’s degree in English Literature and embraces her identity as a book nerd. Paul and Brooke are scheduled to speak on Thursday, August 8, 2013 during the split session for youth workers.

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