Insyder: Joseph Waterman & Brittany VanAsten

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Youth Pastor’s Names: Joseph Waterman and Brittany VanAsten

Youth Group’s Name: Christian Life Center Student Ministry

Who: Christian Life Center

Where: Neenah, WI

InsideOut: How many students are in your youth group?

Joseph Waterman: 25

IO: What is their average age?

JW: 13

IO: What is your youth group’s favorite song?

JW: “Open Up the Sky” by Deluge

IO: Favorite genre of music?

JW: Anything that is contemporary and upbeat (i.e., TobyMac).

IO: Favorite place to hang out?

JW: My in-laws’ house, strangely enough. That is their favorite chill spot, mostly because of the food and an over-abundance of board games.

IO: What is the coolest event your youth group has done?

JW: Most recently, we had had an ice cream social (even though it’s the middle of March and still freezing outside). The only place that would beat us out for toppings available to choose from would be ColdStone. It was incredible.

IO: When does your youth group regularly meet?

JW: Every Sunday morning and every Wednesday night we have class, and every Friday we have some sort of social event. We’re also privileged to be part of a district that hosts a sectional youth rally once a month, called Ignite.

IO: Is the ministry emphasis of your youth group more discipleship or evangelistic?

JW: Definitely discipleship. I believe that if you can grow strong young people, they will bleed evangelism. We are working towards hosting two large outreach events this summer (one at a local skate park and one via a community basketball tournament). We’re hoping that both events become a yearly staple of our youth group for community outreach.

IO: Do you have a youth choir?

JW: No, but we do have all of those who are musically inclined actively involved either in the church choir, praise singing, or playing an instrument.

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