Insyder: Adam Pryor & Rick Ferguson

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Youth Pastor Names: Rick & Lynsie Ferguson and Adam & Jenny Pryor

Youth Group Name: Chosen

Who: Greater Life Apostolic and Brother Alan Browning

Where: Middletown (Louisville), Kentucky

InsideOut: How many students are in your group?

Adam Pryor & Rick Ferguson: 25

IO: What is their average age?

AP & RF: 16

IO: What is the coolest event that you have put together for your group?

AP & RF: Denim Night.It was for the Fourth of July. Everyone wore denim, we cooked out, and had fireworks.

IO: What does your group do for outreach?

AP & RF: We sent letters to veterans who have family around Louisville, we had a block party, we passed out candy bags for community appreciation, and we had a dunking booth at the Middletown Festival. We also go door knocking on Saturdays.

IO: What is your youth group’s claim to fame?

AP & RF: We are well known for our youth rallies, they are so attended people have to stand outside.

IO: What do you do to disciple those that join your youth group?

AP & RF: We build relationships, we also have a visitor follow up program.

IO: Is there a “hangout” for your group outside of church?

AP & RF: Borders, and our youth center, The Lifehouse.

IO: Do you do crowd breakers?

AP & RF: No.

IO: When does your group regularly meet?

AP & RF: Wednesday nights, prayer nights one Sunday a month, and Friday night Bible studies.

IO: Do you have a youth choir?

AP & RF: Yes.

IO: What type of music does your group like?

AP & RF: Alternative Christian, Skillet would be our group’s number one pick.

IO: If you could narrow it down to one song, what would be your group’s favorite anthem?

AP & RF: Souled Out.

IO: Does your youth group have a worship band?

AP & RF: No.

IO: Is the ministry emphasis of your group more evangelistic or discipleship?

AP & RF: Discipleship.

IO: Do you have a prayer meeting for youth?

AP & RF: Yes, the third Sunday of every month.

IO: How many people are on your youth leadership team?

AP & RF: Four.

IO: What is your vision for your students ministry?

AP & RF: A group of young people who are equiped to live for God and empact their world.

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