Insyder: Aaron Batchelor

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Youth Pastor’s Name: Aaron Batchelor

Youth Group’s Name: X7

Church’s Name: New Life Pentecostal Church

Where: Bridgeton, MO

Inside Out: How many students are in your youth group?

Aaron Batchelor: 50-60

IO: What is their average age?

AB: 12-21

IO: What is the coolest event that you have put together for your group?

AB: Our staff designs an incredible Youth Retreat every year.

IO: What does your group do for outreach?

AB: Two young men started a Sunday school bus ministry several years ago. It is still in operation today. There are also several HOPE Sundays a year in which our church takes the night service and turns it into a community outreach event.  A couple of times we have taken our youth to help out a Home Missions church on a weekend. We also knock on doors and pass out flyers for Sunday events. Several of our youth have also been involved in Foreign Mission trips throughout the years.

IO: What do you do to disciple those that join your group?

AB: Personal Home Bible Studies by an adult and a student.  Our church also has an awesome discipleship course designed for students and their families.

IO: What is your group’s claim to fame?

AB: Hmmm….

IO: Is there a “hangout” for your group outside of church?

AB: We have a small youth room, but there are other extra activities every month organized by our staff.

IO: Do you do crowd breakers?

AB: Yes.

IO: When does your group regularly meet?

AB: Wednesdays at 7:30 PM in our gym.

IO: Do you have a youth choir?

AB: Yes.

IO: What kind of music does your group like?

AB: Christian Alternative, Rock and Contemporary

IO: If you could narrow it do to one song, what would be your group’s favorite anthem?

AB: “Crazy” by Deluge

IO: Does your group have a worship band?

AB: Yes. PWB—Pure Worship Band

IO: If so, what style of music do they play?

AB: Christian Contemporary (along the lines of Deluge and Hillsong)

IO: Is the ministry emphasis of your group more evangelistic or discipleship?

AB: Discipleship

IO: Do you have a prayer meeting for youth?

AB: Yes; Monday nights at 7:30 PM.

IO: How many people are on your youth leadership team?

AB: Four youth and ten adults.

IO: What is the vision for your student ministry?

AB: We exist to help students know Jesus Christ and make Him known

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