The Power of Hello

Posted by: in Inspirational on January 19th

What drives us to do what we do? Unfortunately, our world segregates different types of people. Some because of the color of skin, the level of popularity, and so many other reasons have been created to “help” segregate our world. But if we’re all created equal, why are others treated differently?

Think about this. In your life, there are two types of people: the ones you talk to and the ones you don’t. The reasons we don’t talk to people change from person to person. Maybe we don’t feel like it at the moment. We all get tired, cranky, and not in a mood to talk. But what kind of change can you create by just taking a minute to get to know someone?

Often we create obstacles that stop us from connecting with the people around us. We can get comfortable with the people we are always around and associate with, and forget to step out and minister to the ones around us. How can you ever meet someone without saying “hello?” How can you reach out without greeting? We can get caught up in our lives and constantly live in the “me moment” that we never reach out to the outcast, the hurting, the ones no one will talk to. Or we can start a movement from the word “hello.”

When you say “hello,” you create a connection for communication. Are you able to listen to someone for just a few minutes while you make a connection? We get in such a hurry that we miss out on the biggest ministry—the ministry of “Hi, how’s it going.” You have the power to change the day for each person you step out and talk to. You are different you have something special in your life, but no one can experience it if you don’t let it out.

There is a story of man who didn’t look the best, smell the best, or have a great job. This man went about his daily job doing what was expected of him. No one recognized him. No one talked to him, and no one cared about him. One person was upset when this man was there to clean. The smell of him was just too much. Many times, they would pass each other, and the janitor would say “hello,” but the other man just nodded his head and held his breath. One night, this young man realized what he had done was wrong. The “what ifs” of this janitor’s life ran through the businessman’s mind. That night, a desire to reach out was created. The hello and several minutes spent talking changed this janitor’s life and developed an understanding of the power of “hello.”

There are many hurting people around us. Just listening for a few minutes can change the lives of so many of them. When you create connections with people, you too will change as a person. How many people do we pass who think of ending their lives all because no one cares, no one says hello, or no one even notices them? If we are the body of Christ, then why aren’t His hands reaching?

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and create a connection with one new person. Let it be a person you normally would not talk to. If you want to see change in your life, you must be willing to reach out to God. But how can you reach out to God if you can’t reach out to the ones around you who need help?

Take some time to just say “hello.”

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