The Art of Thrifting

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Art of Thrifting, The
In today’s day and age, I’ve been finding it harder to shop with modest standards as the modest choices become few. While there are many great modest online boutiques, they can often be way over budget. What’s a girl to do? Head over the nearest mall and eventually give up because you’ll never find a modest skirt again?! No! I have a solution to your woes: thrift shopping!

Now, thrift shopping is a whole another realm of shopping. Some love it, some hate it. Before you decide you’re not a thrifter, read on. I’ll give you some of my tips to help you master the “art” of thrifting and hopefully, dispel some rumors about it.

Take your time.
Thrift shopping is an all day affair. Those who complain they never find anything at Goodwill or wherever never find anything because they don’t take time. Pick a rainy Saturday and plan to spend your entire day at your chosen store. Comb through every rack—even the ones not in your size. Things are often misplaced or mislabeled. Throw everything you like in your cart, and don’t worry about the giant pile. You’ll deal with that later.

My friends often brush off going thrifting because they think thrift stores only have weird clothes. While it’s true you’ll find rather interesting things, more than half my closet is thrifted. And they’re all “normal” pieces from brands like American Eagle, Old Navy, Merona, even Ann Taylor and Ralph Lauren. Sure, there’s some really, really weird stuff at thrift stores, but there are also unique pieces you’d be able to find anywhere else. Pull something if you like the color or its cool beading, even if it’s not your typical style. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

If you can sew, thrifting opens up an old new world for you. If you absolutely love the pattern or color of an item but the fit isn’t so great, go ahead and purchase it, then take out your sewing machine and get to work.

Buddy up.
Pairing up with a friend can make the whole experience a lot more fun. See who can find the craziest sweater or the cutest shoes. They might be able to find something that’s so you. Also, it’s great to have a second opinion when deciding what’s modest and what’s not.

Try everything on.
Once you feel like you’re finished, try on everything. Clothes look different on an actual body than on a hanger. Something you really liked on a hanger might not look so great on, or vice versa. Your giant pile will start shrinking as you get down to the best pieces. Be sure to closely examine the clothes for stains or tears before purchasing, and make sure they are modest from every angle.

Try again.
Didn’t find what you were looking for? That’s alright. There are times I hit the jackpot and other times I come up empty. Even a just few new-to-you pieces can shake up your wardrobe. Then, when the shopping bug hits you, go try again. Maybe return to the same store or scope out a new one. What you find depends on the season and location of the store and who’s donating. Try checking out a Goodwill in a richer neighborhood; thrift store in upscale areas will frequently have nicer donations.

It takes a few tries to get the hang of thrifting. Once you do, it can be tons of fun! Thrift shopping isn’t rocket science, but there’s definitely a skill set needed. Thrifting is relatively inexpensive and by repurposing old clothes, you’re helping the environment! Talk about a two-for-one. And thrifting doesn’t have to be limited to clothes; you could try shopping for cool knickknacks or unique decorative pieces.

Hit me up on Twitter and show me what you’ve thrifted. God bless!

Kalski, Sammy

Sammy Kalski is currently attends at Oak Creek High School where she is a P7 missionary. Sammy hopes to pursue a career in writing. You can find her usually spending too much time on Twitter or reading.

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