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Posted by: in Rachel Skirvin on January 28th

As we continue our re-introductions, we wanted to take some time to look back at how far we have come and what 2019 brought us as a youth division and also look ahead to what this year has in store.

2019 RECAP


  • 15 Trips
  • 48 North American Districts represented
  • 590 participants on AYC Trips
  • Participants increased by 30% compared to the last NAYC year
  • Over 550 first time guests on the field
  • Over 150 received the Holy Ghost
  • Multiple people were healed of life-altering illnesses
  • AYC Team assisted in a Metro City Church launch
  • AYC Serve helped with many projects, including building a playground
  • Produced the 1st AYC Devotional Journal for participants
  • Enhanced AYC website


• Currently over 300 registered CMI chapters in North America

• CMI Awakening’s attendance nearly doubled with 450+ campus ministers from 29 districts and over 120 campuses

• Complete rebrand of CMI, launched a new website, and updated all of the CMI product and resources. Also began the process of translating materials into Spanish and French

• Efforts continue to strengthen strategic partnerships with NAM, Global Missions, and Multicultural Ministries


  • Celebrated 10th year of existence
  • Released an updated Hyphen logo, mission, vision, and values at NAYC 2019
  • Conducted two Hyphen Split Sessions at NAYC 2019
  • Sell out of the Hyphen Late Night event with3,000 attendees
  • Resource section of Hyphen website revamped to provide a more user-friendly experience. New resources loaded bi-weekly
  • 2020 date, location, speakers, and worship leader for

Release (A Young Adult Conference) unveiled



  • Sheaves For Christ offering: $1,227,379.42
  • SERVE Project buckets prepared: 1500
  • Registered attendees: 36,883
  • Devote 365 2.0 sold: 3,441
  • Hyphen Late Night Event attendees: 3,000
  • Hotels – total room night pick-up: 22,690+
  • Volunteers: 1,000+
  • Incredible music team members: 20+
  • Dynamic speaking sessions: 13
  • Exciting Jumpstart sessions: 2
  • Tremendous Talent Search Worship Arts sessions: 2
  • Facebook impressions: 5,913,194
  • Twitter organic impressions: 318,700
  • Instagram impressions: 3,380,692
  • Received numerous reports both during and since NAYC

of Spirit infillings, baptism, miracles and healings

P7 Clubs: 

• Total of 960 P7 Clubs were registered between NAYC17 and NAYC19

• Total of 379 P7 Clubs were registered in the 2018-2019 school year

• Many water baptized and filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost as a result of a P7 Club

  • 20 P7 Lessons translated in Spanish
  • 20 P7 Lessons translated into French
  • New youth leaders web page added to combine all

resources specifically geared towards youth leaders

  • P7 Clubs social media dropbox created to help clubs to publish quality, inspirational and informative content to their social media pages
  • New 1:1 Bible Study created for P7 Leaders to teach doctrinal lessons
  • Strong booth representation at NAYC many visits from students
  • Teacher Appreciation Week strongly promoted
  • Strong social media presence throughout 2019.
  • Highlights: 1.3M Facebook impressions (YTD), 1,300 new Facebook followers, 4M Instagram impressions (YTD) 2,400 new Instagram followers

Bible Quizzing: 

  • 11% increase over 2018 in teams from reporting districts
  • 213 teams at BQEs, most since 2005,21% increase over 2018
  • Record 131 teams at NABQT, 14% increase over 2018
  • Record 892 at sold-out NABQT Banquet
  • Record promotional sales at 2019 NABQT/NAYC
  • Social media growth: 10% Twitter, 16% Facebook, and64% Instagram
  • Updated website:


  • 38 Columnists Articles
  • 9 Guest/Student Articles
  • 14,531 New Visitors
  • 4,218 Returning Visitors
  • Rachel Skirvin appointed as the new Insideout Editor


  • Instagram eclipsed 43K followers
  • All websites updated
  • All new online store

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January 1

Youth Ministry Training Event (YMTE) Hotel Reservations and Event Registration Available

January 2-4

CMI: Awakening (Illinois)

January 15

AYC North American Application Deadline


Recommended month for Youth Week

February 1

Sheaves for Christ Bible/Christian College & Next Steps Scholarship Application Deadline

February 18

SFC Scholarship Grading Committee

March 12-14

Southeast BQE (Anderson, SC – Sanctuary of Praise)

March 19-21

Western BQE (Sacramento, CA – Calvary Evangelism Center)

March 26-28

South Central BQE (Austin, TX – New Life UPC)

April 2-4

Northeast BQE (Manchester, CT – Faith Tabernacle)

April 15

Sheaves for Christ Kick-off

April 16-18

North Central BQE (Bloomington, IL – Apostolic Pentecostal Church)

May 22-June 1

AYC Global Nicaragua

May 29-June 8

AYC Global Taiwan

June 1-8

AYC North American Phoenix, AZ

June 5-15

AYC Global Puerto Rico

June 8-15

AYC North American Los Angeles, CA

June 12-22

AYC Global Haiti

June 19-28

AYC Global Czech Republic

June 22-29

AYC North American San Marcos, TX

June 26-July 6

AYC Global Switzerland

July 3-13

AYC Global Uruguay

July 10-20

AYC Global Vietnam

July 10-20

AYC Global Malta

July 13-20

AYC North American New York City, NY

June 17-27

AYC Global Tanzania

July 17-27

AYC Global Denmark

July 20-27

AYC North American Seattle, WA

July 24-August 3

AYC Global Malawi

July 27-August 3

AYC North American Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

July 31-August 4

Intermediate & Experienced Division NABQT (St. Charles, MO)

August 3-10

AYC North American Toronto, Canada

August 6-7

Youth Ministry Training Event (Hazelwood, MO – The Sanctuary)

August 7-17

AYC Global Malaysia

August 23

SFC Offering

September 22-25

General Conference (St. Louis, MO)

September 25

Youth Day at General Conference (St. Louis, MO)

October 1

Campus Ministry Intl. Awakening Registration Available

October 26-27

Hyphen RELEASE Event (Dallas, TX)

November 1

AYC Online Applications Available


Rachel Skirvin is a lover of travel, nachos and the gospel. She is a graduate of Urshan College and will most likely always call it Gateway. She just recently married her best friend and together they are serving at The Pentecostals of Cooper City in South Florida.


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