The Real McCoys 2019

Posted by: in Rachel Skirvin on December 6th

Last month, over forty young people gathered in the city of St. Louis, Missouri to celebrate a great achievement. These students from all different states and territories across North America collectively raised 100,603.03 for Sheaves for Christ.

Below you will find a list of names of those who gave so much of their time, efforts and funds.  We also included a small description included from each on what they did to raise funds:

Xiana Bagwill- Alaska / Yukon District.

-SFC Coin Banks / Donated Savings

Lauryl Baker, Mississippi

-Used Project 144 envelopes to help raise funds/donations/ Her youth group also sponsored a corn hole tournament and flea market

Breanna Ballard- North Texas

-Part of Paychecks / Donated Savings

Regan Bennett- Washington

-SFC Coin Banks

Dog sat, sold truffles, pies from scratch and yard work

Bianca Bien-Aimé, Quebec

-Asked for donations from co-workers after explaining the goal.

Savanna Channell- Maine

-Bake Sale / Part of Paychecks / Challenge 31 (C31)

Zachary Cox- Montana 

Challenge 31 (C31), Mowed Yards / Cleaned houses / Moved Rocks / Misc. lawn care

Allyson Crowley- Florida

-Bake Sale / SFC Coin Banks / Donated Savings / Church Yard Sale

Audrey Dillingham- Ohio

-Bake Sale / Donated Savings/ Made Keto Cheesecake Bites

Ethyn Drake- South Carolina

-Part of Paychecks / Donated Savings

Chase Elliott- Connecticut

-Car Wash / Move-A-Thon / Yard Work

Destanee Farris- Missouri

-SFC Coin Banks / Part of Paychecks / Donated Savings / Sold RADA (cutlery) & wax melts / yard sale / family/friends gave donations.

Jordan Glass- Maryland-DC


Cole Gustafson- South Dakota


Alexandra Harpole- Indiana

-Church Dinners

Nizhoni Howell- Oklahoma

-Bake Sale / SFC Coin Banks / Donated Savings / Challenge 31 (C31)

Molly Hutto- Alabama

-Church Dinners / SFC Coin Banks / Part of Paychecks / Challenge 31 (C31)/ portrait photography and all the profit earned from sessions went to SFC!/ Also co-workers created a cup that had “change for Jesus” and they along with her bosses would put in change

Mark Iglesias- Central Canada


Isaac James- Pennsylvania

-Bake Sale / Move-A-Thon / Donated Savings / Challenge 31 (C31), Door to door  / Donations /

Elizabeth James- Texas

Move-A-Thon, went to many different businesses and asked the owners for donations and explained what Sheaves for Christ is. Called people her parents knew and explained what Sheaves for Christ is and asked for donations.

Anne Caroline Johnson- Tennessee

-Bake Sale / Made and sold keychains / Dog sitting at her home for people going on vacation / learned to use a Silhouette Cameo to design and cut vinyl for custom monogrammed keychains. Also, there was a gift wrap option for an extra charge. Sold these at church and on FB. / Made to order cakes and baked goods. Wednesday and Sunday bake sales.

Taeler Jones- Arizona

-Part of Paychecks / Donated Savings / sold custom wooden signs on an etsy shop in order to raise more money called Signs and Wonderz.

Olivia Jury, Georgia

-Move-A-Thon / Made and sold trail mix / created recipes for trail mix and designed bags to package the product in

Brianna Kelso- Arkansas

-Church Dinners / Part of Paychecks / Donated Savings / Concession stand at Arkansas State University football games.

Brooklyn Knox- Kentucky


Dayna Lachica- Southern California

-Bake Sale / Car Wash / Donated Savings / Challenge 31 (C31)/ Taught intermediate and beginners piano lessons and donated earnings to SFC / Sold root beer floats / sold beef jerky online and received 50% of sales / also sold special order shirts with church logo print.

Aaron MacCabe- Nova Scotia

-Move-A-Thon / Donated Savings / Recycling / I worked at a Greenhouse for some of my summer. / I then did a bottle drive and a walk-a-thon.

Courtneigh Mayne- Canadian Plains

-BBQ, Donations from church family & school.

Charles McCarthy- Michigan

-SFC Coin Banks / Challenge 31 (C31)

Noah Mclean- New Jersey / Delaware

-Challenge 31 (C31)

TJ Milby- Kansas

-Part of Paychecks / Donated Savings

Evan Nush- California

-Bake Sale / Move-A-Thon / Church Dinners / Part of Paychecks / Recycling / Challenge 31 (C31), Received sponsors in church, went door to door selling candy and also getting sponsors.

Isaac Price- Canada

-Part of Paychecks / Sold items example : guitar

Morgan Raposo- Massachusetts / Rhode Island

-Bake Sale / SFC Coin Banks / Donated Savings / Challenge 31 (C31)/ Corporate sponsors, yard sale, movie nights, donated allowance, did extra chores / wrote a letter to the company and co-workers of my father’s work explaining what SFC benefited asking for C31 sponsors

Cheyenne Sherman- New Hampshire / Vermont

-Bake Sale / Part of Paychecks / Recycling / Challenge 31 (C31) / Raised the funds by selling baked goods at the local farmers market.  Worked for her grandma cleaning along with her mom.  She even collected recycled bottles and cans.

George Smalling- New York Metro

-Bake Sale: He and his associate pastor sold cheesecakes and bread pudding after church services and at church events.

Hanah Strunks- Illinois

-Part of Paychecks / Worked extra babysitting gigs and whatever she made went straight to SFC.

Vonna Vitanza- North Carolina

-Bake Sale / SFC Coin Banks / Donated Savings / babysat, asked people for their change, worked doing odd jobs / baked alot of desserts and sold them at district functions. She baked desserts and sold them to my church family

Marque Williams- WV-Western MD

-Bake Sale / Car Wash / Move-A-Thon / Church Dinners / SFC Coin Banks / Donated Savings / Challenge 31 (C31): He combined the C 31 challange with a bike-a-thon, and had people sponsor him for a 31 mile bike ride.

Traeton Williams- Virginia

-Challenge 31 (C31)

Sidney Wolfe- Iowa

-Bake Sale / Church Dinners / Donated Savings / Recycling / Challenge 31 (C31) / sold meat sticks, held a garage sale and did odd jobs like yard work.  She also made chocolate covered peanut butter eggs.

James Zamora- Colorado

Bake Sale / SFC Coin Banks / Challenge 31 (C31) / Worked with Dad / baked desserts, made salsa and helped his mom and dad to earn money. He also used challenge 31 and used social media to ask for donations.

Callissa Zimmerman- Wisconsin

-Bake Sale / Donated Savings / worked at Bratfest (volunteer work for a donation to the charity of their choice), made and sold potholders

We want to say a huge thank you to this dynamic group of students for their sacrifice and effort to raise funds for Sheaves for Christ. These Real McCoy winners from each district across North America were flown into the World Evangelism Center in St. Louis, Missouri for an exclusive weekend with the executives of the General Youth Division. Together we are advancing God’s kingdom. These individuals are making a difference in such a mighty way!

To learn more about the Real McCoy contest, or to apply for next year’s contest, please visit


Rachel Skirvin is a lover of travel, nachos and the gospel. She is a graduate of Urshan College and will most likely always call it Gateway. She just recently married her best friend and together they are serving at The Pentecostals of Cooper City in South Florida.


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