I’m Worthless

Posted by: in Inspirational on June 28th

Im Worthless

“I’m Worthless” is a poem I wrote at the beginning of 2014. This poem is very dear to my heart because it focuses in on something I have struggled with: insecurity. I hope it speaks to you and helps you realize that you are worth it.

Bibb, Raina WEB

I am a twenty-two year old girl out of Phoenix, Arizona. My father is a pastor of an incredible church here in the Phoenix area. I’m in love with Christ and express that love through playing the piano, writing poetry, teaching, and my daily living.

2 Replies to “I’m Worthless”

  1. Tiffany Daley says:

    Awesome! Inspiring, encouraging, uplifting, impacting. Great words of wisdom that are needed for this time. Thank you!

    1. Sally A. McNealyClavell says:

      This is an awesome!!!!!!!!! poem…thank you for being obeident, thank you for allowing JESUS to use you in such a Powerful way!!!!!…Please continue to allow JESUS to direct and order your steps…in so doing you are sowing seeds that will bring forth more than a hundred fold and Gods word will not return VOID!!!!!!!!!!…I am Speechless at this…!!!!!!!…Incredible!!!!!

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