Calling Evil Evil

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It looked so innocent to her. With childlike characters bearing happy faces, Valerie* just couldn’t believe anything could be wrong with it. But hidden behind those innocent smiles was a danger she had never seen before, something evil, and it almost took her life.

Before I tell you the rest of Valerie’s story, let’s talk about those seemingly happy characters she fell in love with. Japanese anime (pronounced “ani-may”) is often seen as cool cartoon characters in comics, books, video games, and movies. It has even evolved into animated pornography. Americans recognize anime through characters such as Astro Boy, Dragonball, Pokemon, Gundam, and many others. Their characters are often identified by their large eyes, exaggerated body parts, and various non-human powers. Anime came to life as a form of manga (Japanese comics) in the early 1900’s, but its history goes far beyond that.

Manga developed over hundreds of years ago, starting as pictures drawn on Shinto temple walls, then on wooden blocks, and finally as woodblock prints with captions collected in books.** The Shinto religion includes worshipping the spirits of ancestors and nature (idol worship). It also includes shamanic practices—going into a trance and using spirits to cause things to happen—and spirit possession where spirits enter people or objects giving them certain powers or abilities. The rest of Valerie’s story will demonstrate these things.

It was about 10:30 PM on a Friday night when she sent the first text. Valerie was worried, telling me she felt like she was not in control of her body. She was in a lot of pain and couldn’t stop moving. She had become possessed by an evil spirit. I told her to type “Jesus,” to which she replied “Jjjk”…she couldn’t type the name of Jesus. I knew she had been introduced to Japanese anime and asked her if she had been messing with it. She didn’t reply. After more instructions to type JESUS, and after many failed attempts to do so, the most startling text I’ve ever read came through. It said, “Stop it preacher” followed by “She is mine now, preacher.” I replied with an order for those spirits to leave and the texts stopped coming.

As Valerie’s pastor, I had dealt with demonic spirits before and knew deliverance was needed immediately! Within minutes, I was out the door and on my way to her home, picking up our youth pastor along the way. Her dad quickly led us to her bedroom where her mother was attempting to hold her down as she was being thrown against a wall. We rebuked the evil spirits and prayed the prayer of deliverance over her. The evil spirits left and Jesus filled her with the Holy Ghost as she began to speak His beautiful name.

As the situation calmed down, we began to talk about her involvement with Japanese anime. She had many pictures of anime characters tapped to her walls. She also gave us a book called “The Death Note,” she and her friends had been reading. This book contained detailed instructions of how to go into a trance and use your mind to take someone else’s life. All of this relates directly to the Shinto shamanic practices and spirit possession.

Those characters that seemed so cute and innocent contained evil spirits that tried to destroy her life, but Jesus had other plans! Four months later, Valerie shared with us that she felt God was calling her into some type of ministry. She recently spoke during a youth service about the power of the presence of God. The young lady who was bound by evil spirits had been delivered and called into the work of the Lord. It’s a story only Jesus could author!

The apostle Paul told us, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12 New Living Translation). Evil is often masked by innocence, just as it is with the innocent looking anime characters. But anything associated with ancestor worship, idol worship, trances, and spirit possession must be abstained from. There is no place for Japanese anime in the lives of Christians. It is evil, and we must call it evil, no matter how innocent it looks.

Surrendering our hearts and lives to Jesus will produce many blessings and give us power to overcome the darkness of this world—just as it has in Valerie’s life!

* Valerie is not her real name
** Tampa Museum Of Art: excerpt taken from the “My Reality” exhibit study guide

Rick Lovall is a husband, daddy, pastor, friend, and a whole bunch of other stuff God gives him to do.

11 Replies to “Calling Evil Evil”

  1. i never knew this i watch anime but not frequently

  2. I know this article is like 4 years old and everything, but I couldn’t just pass it by without saying something. With all due respect, my good man, you have no idea what you’re talking about here. Your first claim is that manga is somehow related to the drawings made in Shinto temples which were later collected into books. The only relation the two have is that manga was first inspired by the art of wood-block printing, and that Shinto imagery made into woodcuts. However, wood-block printing was not exclusively used for Shinto imagery; it was a form of art, like painting in the West. To claim its all somehow related to Shintoism would be the equivalent of claiming painting is all related to religion because it was often used in the past to create religious imagery.

    Your second claim about Death Note is also erroneous. Death Note is not an instructional manual for going into trances or killing people with your mind; the story features an object called the Death Note, which can kill people if you write their name on it, but it does not involve trances or telepathic killing, nor does anything in the story teach real world people to commit murder; in fact, the story more or less portrays the Note negatively, implying humans should not have such power.

    But what i find overall ridiculous is that condemn all anime/manga as evil based on this one experience. You have no proof that anime caused this girl’s possession; your logic is basically that she was really into it, and that must mean it caused the possession; seems like a confirmation bias to me. By that logic, are all kids who watch anime or read manga possessed? Are all the children in Japan possessed?Besides that, anime and manga is a very wide genre which covers a wide variety of subjects and sub-genres; much of it does not involve the supernatural at all, and some of it doesn’t even take place in Japan, so saying it’s all somehow related to Japanese religious practices is reaching.

    Finally. you should know this article has been included on a list of examples who people who don’t do their research about media, which is how i got here in the first place.

    Thanks you and have a splendid day ^_^

    1. John says:

      God has told me many times through prayer that Anime is fine to watch as long as you are careful. I have also heard of others who have prayed and got the same exact answer. Does this guy dare to fight God on this? Also he very very easily could have made up this entire story because he is (excuse my bluntness) not chemically balanced in the brain.

    2. James says:

      If you can’t see with your own words how demon related the ” Death Note ” is, I will pray for you. I have looked into anime/manga myself. I have found that there are those that portray Satan as the good guy, and the Angels as the bad guys.

      I can see clearly how that demons can use anime/manga as tools to cloud minds, and even possess some. In your own writing, I can see some demon influence. I did not say that you were possessed, but clearly influenced.

  3. Tyler says:

    You people actually believe that cartoons can have demons? How stupid is it possible to be?

  4. Cody Sypek says:

    I used to watch Pokemon and other cartoons similar to that when I was a little kid. II stopped watching them eventually. This reminds me of a time when my parents told me not to watch movies with witchcraft. I disobeyed them and at night I had the antenna that I pretended to cast spells with and I started to see this cat on the corner of my eye and I ended up crying. I learned a lesson not to get into that stuff. There’s this show that was on nickelodeon that I used to watch called Fairly odd parents and that did something too so this can really effect us. When I watch television, I only watch maybe 5 channels. There’s a lot of junk on tv and if JESUS isn’t watching it with me, I don’t want to watch it. That song oh be careful little eyes what you see is so true.

    1. Santina says:

      I didn’t expect to be pleasantly surprised at what anyone would write but I have to say I am grateful for reading yours. Thank-you❣ May God bless you all the time.✝✝

  5. Amazing article! When i was in prayer after coming to God he commanded me to stop watching it and all cartoons i was watching (american and japanese) i thought there was no harm in READING but was commanded shortly after to stop. I did not know all the reasons why but glad i listened.

  6. Danielle says:

    Amazing article!

  7. Ivori says:

    This really opened my eyes. Before I came to Christ I was an avid Manga/Anime watched and reader. After coming to Christ I took notice of how . . . inappropriate to say the least a lot of the manga I read was. Slowly I stopped reading and watching it because in all honesty, I'd lost interest and I felt like it wasn't something God wanted me to read or look at. I also noticed how people who are really into anime act somewhat similiar. I didn't know whether or not it was a spirit or they just acted like that to do it. I talked to my Youth Pastor about it and he agreed with me as well. He told me a story about how a Youth had gone to Japan to help in overseas ministry. I think its called AIM. Apparently he had went to one of the conventions and he came back changed and had to come back to America. I was like, NOOOO! It all seems so innocent but the devil just hides in sheeps clothing. I had watched the Death Note anime but I didn't read the manga. Now I'm glad! Thank you Jesus!

  8. Shaleh says:

    My dad would never let me watch or read any of that stuff, I am an artist, he also wouldn't let me draw in that style (not that I cared, the universe is full of things to draw). Now I know why.

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