Are You a Believer of the Deceiver?

Posted by: in Inspirational on March 31st

Are You a Believer of the Deceiver
From the very beginning of time, Satan has been deceiving and polluting the minds of anyone he possibly can. Like never before, our generation fights a grueling battle of depression, anxiety, addiction, insecurity, and much more. The devil acknowledges that these are frequent stumbling blocks and uses them to bring down young people. He studies you and notices the obstacles you have faced in the past. If you struggle with self-worth, the enemy will whisper words of despair and speak lies into your life. He will begin making comments such as, “You will never amount to anything. You’re not beautiful enough. You’re not worthy of being loved.” And he’ll whisper anything else he can get you to believe. If he has the satisfaction of seeing your relationship with God plummet, he is encouraged to continue the belittling and deceit.

Satan is commonly referred to as the father of lies. Why would you want to you receive information from him? It is sure to be quite inaccurate. The Bible reveals a countless amount of instances where the devil aids individuals to go against God. Take Adam and Eve. We see how well that went! Don’t allow Satan to persuade you into accepting his slander. Cling to what the Bible says. It can be so simple to fall for the fraudulence being handed to you. However, Satan only has just as much power over you as you give to him. He is not in control of your mind and/or actions. Yeah, he may seem big and bad, but we know what can get him out of the way; he completely flees when you speak the name of Jesus! All of hell trembles at that wonderful name!

The mistakes you have made in the past do not define you. If you have repented, Jesus has forgiven you. He does not hold your faults over your head. We serve a great, merciful God. However, Satan is fully aware of the sins you have committed. He desires for you to frequently dwell on them. Oftentimes, the mistakes people have made will bind them and keep them from returning to God. Behind the lie of “Jesus will never forgive you” is the devil speaking. He just so happens to be completely incorrect. Jesus will undoubtedly forgive you.

“And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen” (Romans 16:20).

Instead of giving the devil license to push you into depression, call out unto that beautiful name of JESUS for comfort! When you aren’t feeling good enough, go read the Word of the Lord, proving you are plenty! If anxiety is flooding your mind and body, claim deliverance by taking a victory lap! Supernatural things begin to happen when you don’t let Satan play a role in your life. Chains start breaking. Burdens are lifted. Bodies get healed. Minds become sanctified. Broken hearts get mended. All these wonderful events can only take place when you’re solely trusting upon the Lord.

The Bible expresses to us that faith the size of a tiny mustard seed could move an entire mountain. But in order to obtain that faith, we cannot allow the devil to speak into our lives. He is a liar who is going to continue lying until the end of time. He does not have to be the ruler of your life anymore. But it is up to you if he is. With all of this being said, I must ask.

Are you a believer of the deceiver?

Loy, Abi

My name is Abi Loy. I attend church at the First United Pentecostal Church in Tulsa. I am an eighteen year-old high school senior. I have led a Project 7 Bible club at my school for three years now. I have a great hunger for reaching lost souls and seeing people saved. All of the glory goes to God!

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