2015 Youth Day

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2015 Youth Day

Over one million dollars to Global Missions.

Thousands of students, young adults, pastors , ministers, and saints of God worshiping in the Music City Center on Friday.

It was a record year and a banner day for the General Youth Division (GYD). Every Friday of General Conference, the GYD hosts Youth Day to minister to Apostolic students and connect with Apostolic pastors. This year’s Youth Day was a powerful service from the countdown to the altar call.

Ashley Leppo and her team led us in worship. And the first worship set led us to the good news where our Sheaves for Christ dollars were allocated. All the car washes, bake sales, bike tours, walk-a-thons, spaghetti dinners were worth it as Sheaves for Christ was pledged to the following ministries:

Global Missions $1,107,291.58
North American Missions $387,000.00
Tupelo Children’s Mansion $100,000.00
Bible and Christian College scholarships $38,000.00
Lighthouse Ranch for Boys $45,001.04
New Beginnings $30,000.00
Youth ministry projects $21,100.00
Urshan College $15,000.00
Spirit of Freedom $7,911.00
Urshan Graduate School scholarships $4,000.00

Then, it was time for the annual announcement for youth presidents of the year. Their hard work for Sheaves for Christ and events in their district throughout the year earned the following district youth presidents the enviable honor of being named youth president of the year:

Youth President of the Year Andrew Cox, Louisiana District
First runner-up David Hamilton, Texico District
Second runner-up Charlie Moore, South Texas District
Third runner-up Jonathan Channel, Maine District

After a powerful second worship set, former Alabama youth president Sammy Sherrill stepped to the pulpit to preach “Marching to a Different Beat.” As a young drummer pounded out a steady, solid beat on the drums, Sherrill called for Apostolic students to live their lives marching to a different beat.

Live like Daniel. Rata a tat tat. Live like Apostle Paul. Rat a tat tat. Live like Simon Peter. Rat a tat tat. March. Keep marching. One day, we’ll march from here into Heaven.

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