Logic vs Faith

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Logic vs Faith

Has God ever asked you do something that would most likely make you look like an idiot according to certain standards? Does He ask you to do things that do not seem to make sense at the moment? My answer to these questions is a huge, resounding “yes”! He enjoys asking me to do things that would not make logical sense to most people. If this also applies to you, then we are in good company. He has always specialized in asking His people to walk by faith rather than what seems like the best and most logical option; to trust Him when we would rather choose an alternate route.

When young David marched onto the battlefield to face the giant we know as Goliath, it was a decision that seemed as far from logical as anything you might imagine. How could this small, young boy rival—much less defeat—a trained and ruthless warrior who just happened to hover over David like an oak tree? It doesn’t make sense. Logic would tell us that David did not stand a chance that day. However, that’s not how David interpreted the situation. When David was brought before King Saul in I Samuel 17, he confidently told his king he would go and defeat the Philistine.

Saul’s reply was very much like most of ours might have been that day. He pointed out the facts of the situation: “David, you are a young man and this Philistine has been a man of war since he was your age. There’s no way you stand a chance against him.” However, David’s perspective was different because he was looking through the lens of faith. He had a track record with God’s favor. He had killed many wild beasts that threatened his father’s sheep, and this Philistine was no different. David’s reply to his critics was plain and simple, “Is there not a cause?”

It was the need for someone to stand that propelled David onto that field that day, and today is no different. Let us take heed to what the Lord asks us to do, let us be sensitive to His spirit, and let us ask ourselves the question, “Is there not a cause?” Regardless of how bleak the circumstances may be, let it be said of us that we chose faith rather than fear. We chose to meet the need in front of us and trust God’s hand to bring the deliverance.

What interests me most about this story is that David could not defeat Goliath on his own. That’s the whole point! God wanted to use someone who would allow all the glory to go to the One to whom it belonged. God could have used the best Israelite warrior at the time. He could have prompted the most muscle-bound fighter to rise against Goliath, but He chose young David. Do not be discouraged when God asks you to do something that won’t make sense from a logical perspective. He specializes in asking His people to rely on Him, and He has a track record of infallible faithfulness.

He may ask you to walk around a wall once a day for seven days, then on the seventh day to walk around the wall seven times. Obey Him! He might ask you to prophesy to a valley of dry bones, and you might look crazy doing it, but do it anyways! He might ask you to build a boat for the rain that will be coming when you’ve never even seen rain before, but do it anyways! He might ask you to stand before a giant with a sling and five stones, you may have the odds against you, but the odds are always in your favor when you are on God’s side.

Walking by faith seems terrifying until you start doing it. We serve an unbelievably faithful God who will not call you to a task then leave you empty-handed. When you take the opportunity to trust Him, you will shortly find it was no mistake. Eventually, you learn the truly logical path is to walk by faith because you have the greatest guarantee of success and victory when you are in His will. There is an unremarkable peace that comes from knowing you are in the hands of the One who holds it all.

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Sarah is the Hyphen contributor for InsideOut and a recent graduate of Urshan College. She is now happily married to Jordan Hudspeth with whom she serves the Hyphen group at The Life Center in Saint Petersburg, Florida. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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