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Posted by: in Fashion on April 19th

Well it’s about that time again, ladies! Summer is around the corner and so is the decision a lot of Pentecostal girls face during this season—what to wear? Since I’m from Florida, I’ve seen how stores like to offer very little in the realm of modest apparel during summer time! To use as little material as possible sometimes seems to be the goal of summer trends. So how do you dress modestly yet still utilize some of the fun pieces we see being made popular? The trick is knowing how to use them and how to layer in a manner that won’t be too hot and uncomfortable when you’re out in the heat or lounging around during summer camps.

Some cute styles to be on the lookout for are:

Hats: Straw fedoras and wide brimmed floppy hats are not only cute but practical. They help you keep cool while also covering messy hair. (Florida is humid!) They also add another dimension to an already cute look.

Summer scarves: These scarves are colorful and light. They can add a little zest to any outfit, including a plain shirt and jean skirt. It gives a layered look without being too warm and dresses up a relaxed ensemble.

Tops: If you’ve looked around recently in most stores, you’ve seen the baggy baby doll styled tops. They’re longer and loose—perfect for warm weather. They look great with jersey skirts which are more fitted and can be found at stores like Target, Forever21, and Old Navy. Together they make a very slenderizing look and are tremendously comfy! I’ve personally worn this look over and over. It’s perfect for running errands or traveling while still wanting to look presentable.

Other cute styles that are new to this year’s fashion are peplum tops and denim shirts. Peplum tops are very flattering, and the neckline is always very modest. Denim shirts are like jean skirts but reversed. They go with everything and are cool during the summer days.

Bottoms: Maxi skirts and dresses are extremely modest! They’re made with fun and colorful summer patterns, and the light material keeps the garments from being too hot.

Another style of skirt that seems to be quite popular is the mullet skirt which is longer in the back and shorter in the front. Just a little tip on how to wear them—try going up a size and wearing the skirt lower so that the front covers your knees. You can wear wedges to make sure the back doesn’t drag or you can have it hemmed.

Be on the lookout for these styles mentioned, and you’ll have a few key pieces to work with in creating some fun outfits this season! Also, try looking for the new bold and bright colors out this summer. I am quite in love with them myself. Coral, mint green, and numerous other neon shades are so much fun to wear!

For pictures highlighting these fashions, check out!what-to-wear.

Shenae is a frequent contributor to InsideOut and serves as editor of She is from Tallahassee, Florida, where her dad is her pastor. She is also a graduate of Gateway College and is currently serving an internship in Ohio. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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