Youth Day at General Conference 2009

Posted by: in Events on December 9th

Youth Day at General Conference 2009 began with a great atmosphere of praise and worship as hundreds of Pentecostal youth arrived at the Edward Jones Dome in downtown Saint Louis, Missouri. The venue, which is normally the site of professional sporting events, became a tabernacle of worship unto the Lord as the people of God joined together with their praise, prayers, worship, and posture towards the Lord.

Our general youth president, Reverend Shay Mann, opened the service and welcomed the Apostolic youth to the service and then made special presentations thanking the constituency for their faithful support of Sheaves for Christ and the General Youth Division. His presentation was followed by praise and worship.

The music, singing, and worship were all heartfelt and brought a dynamic into the atmosphere whereby the Word of God could go forth and operate.

After honoring the Youth President of the Year, a special presentation of thanks was offered to Wayne and Claudene Francis and their family for five years of stellar service to the General Youth Division.

Brother Michael Ensey, who also was the keynote speaker for Youth Day, was introduced as the new director of promotions for the GYD. He and his wife and children were received very warmly.

The preaching was moving and was a clarion sound for the youth of our movement. Michael Ensey gave the keynote address, followed by Pastor Calvin Jean as the Youth Day speaker. Both of these preachers spoke out of their hearts with anointing and power, challenging the youth of our movement to remain Apostolic in their worship, doctrine, lifestyle, and worldview. The preaching was distinct, bold, and very compelling and left no stone unturned concerning the need for commitment to “the old paths, where the good way is…”(Jeremiah 6:16, NKJV).

The response of the crowd was overwhelming as hundreds of young people fell on their faces in the altar area, making fresh commitments to the Lord and renewing their passion for His purpose. The young people tarried at the altar and focused on seeking His face. The future of our movement is very bright! In a world with such a negative perception of the future, it is a faith-inspiring fact to note that the future of the church is indeed very bright.

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