The Real McCoy

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My mother wanted three boys; however, God was merciful and only gave her two and filled the void with me—a 5’8” teenage girl with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. I sing in my youth choir and am determined to learn all the material for Bible quizzing this upcoming year. We’re doing Acts. I play the baritone saxophone in my school band, but I wish I had the chance to learn the piano. I rarely clean my room and am a terrible procrastinator. But most of all, I love Jesus!

I am one in 6.8 billion, but I am also one of the 6.8 billion … as are we all. God made every person in His own image, but we are all different. Our physical features, our family and friends, and our distinct lifestyles define us. However, I believe that nothing can define us more than what we do in this life. I don’t mean that we are defined by how successful we are, but how we impact those around us and those half way around the globe.

For me, the Real McCoy experience started when a Bible quizzing friend from Oregon mentioned the weekend to me; she had won the previous year. I thought it sounded like a cool trip and looked into it. From that moment on I had it in my head to be Colorado’s first Real McCoy. At “Conversations,” my church’s annual spring youth retreat; I mentioned to my youth pastor that my goal for 2009 was to raise a thousand dollars. For any of you who know Jon Moran, you can imagine the look on his face. I had no idea what he thought of my goal, but he encouraged and helped me along the way.

Throughout the summer I did various things to raise the funds: Mega March, candy sales, and babysitting. When I found out I had won the contest, I felt a sense of accomplishment that I’d never felt before. It is one thing to accomplish secular goals, but something else entirely to accomplish something for the Kingdom. Because of my hard work I got the chance to spend an amazing weekend in Saint Louis with the General Youth Division and nine other young people who “put the mission in motion.”

Let me describe the weekend in as few words as possible—the most fun I’ve ever had. Hanging out with the Youth Division leaders and their families made the weekend great. I don’t know what I thought about them before; but by the time I was flying home, I had spent an entire weekend with the most down-to-earth and fun-loving men and women of God I’ve ever met. Although, I don’t think playing the Youth Division at demolition ball and laser tag was quite fair! They knew what was going on with d-ball and knew the laser tag arena too well. I am convinced that they all go and practice on Saturdays just so they can beat the Real McCoys.

The other reason this weekend was so special was because of the nine other youth that shared this experience with me. We ran to 7-Eleven in the rain, sang loudly in the van, and had an epic spoon fight in the hotel lobby. I walked away with nine lifelong friends who, for three days, spiritually and emotionally uplifted and inspired me. I just hope I did the same for them.

When it was over, I had the chance to look back on what I had experienced. My view, in retrospect, is that I am forever changed. Sheaves for Christ is so much more to me now than it was before. It is an opportunity to give back to the great God who gave me everything. And, to be honest, I feel like I can do so much more for His Kingdom. What is a thousand dollars when I could have raised two thousand? Or three thousand? I live in the Denver metro area; I have no excuse for not giving my all to God. And so I intend to do just that next year.

I am currently the Real McCoy of the Colorado District. Or so I’ve been told. I’m the “Real Deal,” I’m “Genuine,” and I’m not an “Imitation.” But from my perspective, I’m just a teenage girl—with a boy’s name—who has a burden for missions and desire to see the lost saved. How many other teenagers and young adults are like me? How many of us see a need and act on it? I know for a fact that there are many “Real McCoys” out there; however, many of them get nothing more than a quiet thank-you. Because of this, I feel so blessed to have experienced the Real McCoy weekend, even though there are so many people out there who do so much more for His Kingdom.

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