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The Best Relationship

Posted by: in Relationships on December 27th

Imagine along with me. Somewhere in the heavenlies, long before this world existed as we know it, we find God holding a small pulsating light of life. Michael and Gabriel gather near to catch a glimpse of this curious, never before seen form. “What is it, Master?” asks Michael. “It is something special,” replies the… View Article

In Everything and for Everyone, Give Thanks

Posted by: in Relationships on November 27th

It’s Thanksgiving week. Most people I know try their best to get along with family and friends during this time of the year. I don’t know if it’s because they feel guilty after almost a year of snubbing relationships they really don’t want to maintain, or if it’s because this particular holiday season causes them… View Article

What Is a Healthy Relationship?

Posted by: in Relationships on October 30th

It appears to be a simple question—with a thousand answers! It demands clarity: a proper definition of the term “healthy” or what specific class of relationship is being addressed. It may be a child/parent relationship, a husband/wife relationship, a stepfamily relationship, a dating relationship, a friend/family relationship, a boss/employee relationship, and on and on. The… View Article

Modern Families

Posted by: in Relationships on October 2nd

We live in a culture where divorce is prominent, and blended families are becoming more common. The conversation is not about “divorce” only but about “re-divorce.” Nobody carries a childhood dream to be part of a stepfamily; yet one out of three eventually find themselves in one. Consider the following statistics from Dr. Tim Clinton’s… View Article

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