West Virginia Mission Trip

Posted by: in AYC on July 9th

Our outgoing Youth President, Robert Fazzalore, and I took twenty-two young people from West Virginia on a mission trip to San Jose, Costa Rica. It was the first youth mission trip to ever take place in West Virginia.

It was their annual regional General Conference, and we all came with high expectations of what God was going to do. Their worship was powerful, and God responded. Thirty precious people were filled with the Holy Ghost. We also preached in the church in Pavos (Cento de Evangelismo), but the one thing that topped off the whole trip was the church in Puriscal. We had to walk approximately two hundred yards up a muddy hill just to get to it. When we arrived we could hear music playing, and there were smiling faces standing there greeting us. It was in a man’s house. It had metal frames wrapped in tarps; it had gravel and mud for a floor, but the people were so beautiful. There were forty-five people packed in that little house. They had prepared something special for us; their kids’ choir had made military hats out of paper and colored them blue and white .They began to sing “I’m in the Lord’s Army,” as they marched in place. Then their worship leader began to sing and play with his guitar, and God began to move among us. The Bible says, “where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20); and two people were filled with the Holy Ghost. Our group is forever changed.

Thirty-four people received the infilling of the Holy Ghost, and there were many great miracles that took place on this missions trip. To God be the glory!

Brother Rivero and his family were great hosts, and everyone fell in love with their children. He has asked us to come back. The youth team and I are already planning a trip for next year and in great anticipation of what God is going to do through our youth.

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