Greece Missions Trip 2010

Posted by: in AYC on July 12th

This trip was an experience I will never forget. We all know that God moves everywhere, but it’s different when you’re in a foreign country and able to experience that yourself. During this trip, four were filled with the Holy Ghost for the first time and one was baptized in Jesus’ name. The first service we attended was on Father’s Day, Sunday morning. It was also an international day there. Everyone was dressed from their country proudly holding up their flags. It was just amazing to see that.

I would have to say that there were two things about this trip that were my favorite. One was Vacation Bible School. Three of us were group leaders, and we had a few four- and five-year-olds, and one nine-year-old. To me they were the cutest kids in Greece. I loved seeing them learn the memory verses—how we would come up with different ideas to help them remember it. It was also fun seeing them play games, do arts and crafts, and learn about God’s Word. The second part of this trip that I loved so much was outreach. One night different groups went to different places. The place that we went to was a little scary, but I knew that we were in good hands. One house we went to had about four men. They were all Buddhist, but what was interesting was that they kept asking about the plan of salvation, and if we follow the Old and New Testament. The second house we went to was just amazing. One woman was already baptized in Jesus’ name, but she had not yet been filled with the Holy Ghost. We started off signing a song, and then God just started to move in a powerful way. We started praying for one another; and I believe that one or two were filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost, because it seemed as if they had stammering lips and were slain in the Spirit! If we didn’t have to be back at the hotel and if that family didn’t have to keep it down at a certain time, we could’ve been there praying all night long! And the best part was that they came back to church that Sunday!!! I was so excited to see that.

I’m very thankful that I was a part of this trip. I plan on going on another mission trip next year, and I strongly suggest that other young people take the chance to experience the ministries that I’ve experienced.

By: Miquel Hanks

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